Applied Thin Film

ATP offers Thin Film Circuit build-to-print services for a wide range of materials and metalization schemes. ATP fabricates customer designed circuits on substrates such as Alumina, AlN, BeO, Fused Silica, Sapphire, Ferrite, Garnets, and Hi-K Dielectrics. Standard resistors are TaN/TiW/Au and Metalization schemes include Nickel, Titanium, Chrome, Palladium, and Platinum. Customers can choose from circuit features which include fine pitch conductors, integrated resistors, filled and non-filled vias, wrap arounds, double sided patterning, and polyimide supported bridges.

Bliley Technology

With roots dating back to 1930, Bliley Technology is one of the oldest quartz crystal and crystal oscillator manufacturers in the industry. Bliley is one of the few Crystal Oscillator companies with in house capability to cut, shape, polish and plate their own crystals. We feel this is a vital component in our ability to design and manufacture of our XO’s, VCXO’s, TCXO’s and some of the worlds highest performance OCXO’s. Bliley is the timing reference vendor customers look to for the highest level of performance is required.


As the recognized Industry Leader in Gallium Nitride Semiconductor Development, Wolfspeed, formally Cree GaN HEMT devices are ideal for ultra broadband amplifier applications. The intrinsic properties of high power density, low parasitic, and high FT allow for multi-octave to instantaneous bandwidth amplifiers covering L, S, C, X and Ku band applications. Devices are available in Matched and Un-Matched Packages, as well as MMIC and Bare Die form.


Foxcom is recognized as a leading manufacturer of advanced RF over Fiber solutions for the commercial, government and military markets. Standard products cover DC to 15GHz and are used by satellite operators, broadcasters, integrators and broadband service providers. Their RF over Fiber solutions are used in Satellite Communications, Multi-Family Housing TV signal distribution, In-building DAS wireless 4G/LTE coverage applications, and military satellite solutions covering VHF/UHF, C-Band, X-Band and Ku Band. Foxcom is RF over Fiber made simple.

Johanson Dielectrics

Your one stop shop for capacitors, Johanson Dielectrics has everything from high volume, low cost capacitors to application specific ceramic solutions that include: Ceramic SMT and Leaded High Voltage and High Temperature, Y2 Safety Certified, Tip & Ring, Tanceram (for Tantalum replacement), Dual and Multi Capacitor Arrays, Low Inductance, X2Y, Switchmode, Capstrate and Power Capacitors.

Johanson Technology

Johanson Technology provides the industires broadest broad range of High-Q Multi and Single Layer Capacitors, Ceramic and Wire Wound RF Inductors, LTCC based Chip Antennas, Baluns, High Pass Filters, Band Pass Filters, Low Pass Filters, Couplers, and Diplexers. Our High Frequency Ceramic Solutions are targeted for Cellular, WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, ISM, RF/Microwave, Millimeter Wave, Fiber Optic, and other RF applications. Our Chip-Set reference design list grows daily.

L-3 Communications, Randtron Antenna Systems

As a producer of high quality Department of Defense antennas specifically designed for the most challenging instillations and peformance requirements. To meet these challenges Randtron combines their comprehensive knowledge of skin effects, structures and environments. Their antenna expertise included Spiral, Sinuous, Yagi, Planar Slot, Helix, Interferometer, Active Arrays and Low RCS Structures.

L-3 Narda-MITEQ

Narda and MITEQ have been serving the RF/Microwave industry with world-renowned component and subsystems for over 60 years. Now combined into one company, they have the broadest line of High Quality/Reliability Ground Based, Air and Space Components (Couplers, Power Dividers, Attenuators, Phase Shifters and Detectors) Active Components (Electro-Mechanical and PIN Switches) Integrated Micorwave Assemblies, SatCom Converters and Power Meters, Monitors and RF Safety equipment.

Lark Engineering

An industry leader in filter design and manufacturer technology, Lark Engineering utilizes all filter manufacturing disciplines including Ceramic Resonators, Cavity and L/C designs for the military and commercial markets. Lark offers SMT, and Coax filter solutions, including Switch Filters, Tunable and Hoping Filters for all design needs.

Linx Technologies

Linx Technologies makes wireless simple by developing and manufacturing wireless products that are easy for engineers to use right out of the box. Their RF modules, turn key IoT solutions, remote controls, evaluation kits and master development systems feature straight forward hardware configurations and clear documentation that allow the engineer to be communicating wirelessly within minutes of opening the box. Their Antenna Factor division has the industry's broadest selection of standard antennas for a wide variety of wireless applications. Customers can also find RF connectors, cable assemblies and battery holder solutions from Linx Technologies Connector City division.

M2 Global

M2 Global is a Disabled Veteran owned Ferrite Isolator and Circulator manufacturing company that offers off the shelf Coax units from 380 MHz and 23.6 GHz, Drop-In devices from 318 MHz and 19.6 GHz, and Waveguide units between 5.8 GHz and 23.6 GHz. M2 Global Technology is also recognized for their production machine shop capability.

Massachusetts Bay Technology

Although founded in 1999, Massachusetts Bay Technology staff has over 50 years of semiconductor experience in the design and manufacture of descrite silicon RF/Microwave semiconductor devices. Their product line inlcudes PIN, NIP, Tuning Varactors, Schottky Mixer and Detector Diodes, Step Recovery and Point Contact Diodes, CHip Capacitors and Spiral Inductors, made in our in-house fab that conforms to MIL-STD-750, MIL-PRF-19500 and MIL-Q-9858A requirements

Martek Power

Martek Power designs and manufactures a wide range of switching power supplies and linear power supplies. They include standard, semi-custom and custom AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC power converters, DC-AC power inverters and EMI filters for Military, Aerospace, Medical, Railway, Automotive, Computing, Data Storage, Telecom, Networking, Instrumentation and Industrial applications that range in output power from 1 to 50,000 watts. Martek has field proven power supplies operating in all market segments.

Micro Mode Products

Manufacturers high performance blind mate, such as our SMP, SMPM and MSSS line as well as all types of threaded connectors (SMA, SSMA, TNC, etc). Assembly capability includes microwave connectors, hermetic connectors & headers, hermetic packages with seals, coaxial cable assemblies, delay lines, filters, as well as offering plating and precision machining services to both the military and commercial markets.


Peregrine Semiconductor is a fabless provider of high-performance radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs). Design solutions leverage a proprietary UltraCMOS® technology, an advanced RF Silicon-On-Insulator process. Our products deliver industry-leading performance and monolithic integration. These SOI products target a broad range of applications in the aerospace and defense, broadband, industrial, mobile wireless device, test and measurement equipment, and wireless infrastructure markets.


TennMax is a leading manufacturer and provider of Thermal Management and EMI/RFI products. With a broad product offering of thermal Gap Filler Pads, and custom heat sinks designed for customer specific applications, TennMax strives to understand what the customer needs and provides the right solution. For EMI/RFI applications TennMax is a leader in Physical Vapor Deposition, and Form In Place Gaskets that are reliable, repeatable and cost effective in production environment.


Thunderline-Z has been recognized as the world's premier manufacturer of RF and DC feedthrus and microwave packages. Offering turnkey packages with any combination of feedthrus, press in connectors, and multi-pin headers, and lazer sealing, Thunderline-Z tackels their customers most challenging engineering designs, including applications that call for direct fire, soldered, or laser welded combinations, varying solder schedules, component integration, and filtered connections.

Titan Photonics

Titan Transceivers provide interconnect, DWDM and CWDM pluggable interfaces to serve transmission needs from 30m to over 120Km. Their Transceivers are designed to provide OEM compatibility in all major vendors, Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel Lucent, Fujitsu, Ciena, etc Ethernet Switches, Routers and Optical Transport devices. The design and the interoperability of Titan Transceivers come with “in field” applications support when needed.


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